1. What form should I use to process a travel reimbursement?

All reimbursements for NMSU employees, including student employees, should be processed on a reimbursement voucher form. Reimbursement for nonemployees (including interviewees) should be processed on a direct pay request form.

2. How many signatures are required on a Reimbursement Voucher Form and Direct Pay Request form?

All reimbursement vouchers require the signature of the payee, plus one additional signature from the Department Head, Dean or Director. Current policy requires the signature of the Department Head, Dean or Director on a direct pay request form.

3. Can I use my Diners card for a Cash Advance?

Upon completion of Club Cash Enrollment form, obtainable below, employee travel advances are available through participating automated teller machines (ATM) and allow up to a limit of $400 per day. There is a $5.00 per transaction fee for each travel advance obtained from an ATM. NMSU will reimburse one $5.00 transaction fee per trip if supported by an ATM receipt.

4. What happens to my Diners card upon Termination of Employment?

Diners Club accounts are cancelled automatically when an employee terminates employment with the University. Please send the cut up card to Accounts Payable at MSC 3AP.

Revised: December 2, 2013